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REYNOLDS 2.2 has put together the top 10 list of HOT GIRLS featured on REYNOLDS 2.2 in 2010. This list has been created for these girls getting the most views by the viewers being all of you out there in cyber world from around the world. These girls are not only hot for their looks alone but because they are career minded girls on the come up doing big things! So allow me to present them in the following order starting off first with the bonus HOT GIRL!



Now Marta is not just any ordinary woman. She has put in a lot of work this year. She has been featured in the NOH8 campaign earlier this year and she is the owner of the popular a website where you can find all the latest news on celebrities, models, beauty and so much more. She also recently stepped into the real estate business becoming a North Scottsdale Realtor in Arizona. Did I also mention she is a mom who is happily married making her the ideal modern business woman of today.



Alex is a beautiful woman with talent, style and grace. She has an amazing voice that is raspy, jazzy and soulful! Alex is a singer & songwriter signed to Warner Music & Universal Publishing. Be sure to keep an eye out for her as she keeps rocking steadily to the top of her game! Listen now to her song ALEX HEPBURN 2.4


#9 HOT GIRL - AavaMagdalene Ducyane

Aava is an extraordinary girl with goals set high and already living her dream. Aava is a beautiful natural redhead and she's a NEXT model living in NYC. Aava stands at 5'9 with hazel-green eyes. She has already been featured in magazines such as Vogue, Seventeen, Glamour and Trace. She continues to appear in magazines and television. Aava is passion driven and is a prime example of what you can do when you put your focus in gear! Aava defines beauty and obviously her beauty will stand out in any crowd!


#8 HOT GIRL - Katie Kansas

This New York City bombshell is multi-talented with being a Go Go dancer and clothing designer. Katie has created her own brand of clothing titled Katie Kansas Closet - Lifestyle Clothing for Adventurous Girls. Katie continues to dance at some of the hottest NYC nightlife clubs and venues. Her clothing is selling and has been seen on some of the coolest trend-setters in NYC. When I last talked to Katie, she said she was working on a new brand with her bff and an amazing artist. Let's all keep an eye out for this unique and talented woman as she continues to conquer her dreams and goals!


#7 HOT GIRL - Paula Newlands

This hot brazilian model is the amazing Paula Newlands living in California and traveling the world. Paula is currently attending college and is having plans to jump behind the scenes to create her own brand. She is a dear friend and she is focused to win at all she does. Paula is a fun girl and believes if you work hard then you party hard! She is not only a model, she is a young woman with a business mind set to do big things!


#6 HOT GIRL - Bridgette Boggess

Where do I begin? I first met Bridgette a couple of seasons ago during NY Fashion week. Bridgette is delightful and a great friend! She is a career minded woman with a sizable plate of business. She owns and her company offers services in Style Consulting, Wardrobe Management and Personal Shopping. To top it off she is a fashion consultant and currently she is making headlines throughout Texas in Dallas & Houston. Next time your in Texas and your in the need of looking good then look up Dress Marie.


#5 HOT GIRL - Laura Solano

Sweet American Pie would be a understatement for this beautiful brunette standing at 5'9 with hazel eyes. She is better known as AkA Ms Fox and she is on her daily grind which she would say it's all about making the $$$. She is a very talented makeup artist working for one the biggest makeup companies that exist - CHANEL Cosmetics. She has been getting her feet wet in the world of entertainment having been seen in movies, videos and currently working on new projects to come.



DJ VINYLA is a exotic Russian beauty living in NYC. She has worked at many hot spots in NYC such as Bryant Park Hotel, Soho Grand, Hotel on Rivington, Cabana, Mansion and many more. She has a love for electronic music and she spins techno house, funky house and much more. DJ VINYLA always knows how to keep the crowd moving!


#3 HOT GIRL - Breanna Box

The lovely and sexy Sicilian Italian Breanna Box is a sure shot winner! She is the definition of beauty and talent all in one and she certainly thinks outside the box. Breanna is a model and has appeared in editorial and print ads. She is now stepping into the world of acting and with her witty and original personality she is sure to be a sensation on the silver screen. Her hobbies are reading books, dance, design and eating. If you want to know more about this Italian rare beauty then visit her sites at and


#2 HOT GIRL - Kristina Imel

This is a HOT GIRL filled with heart & soul and her vocals are out of this world. Kristina is filled with passion and drive that pushes her talents to the limits being a singer, songwriter, dancer and actress. Being only 18 and singing a remix of the hit song "Jump For My Love" by The Pointer Sisters is a statement to the industry executives that she is ready to be signed and make music her life and create hits to the mass appeal. Kristina is a rising star!



The amazing and talented sexy Kayla-Jane Danger is REYNOLDS 2.2 #1 HOT GIRL by receiving the most hits out of all postings on REYNOLDS 2.2 in 2010! Kayla is exotic with a twist of erotic. She is not afraid to show the world and her fans her kinky & naked side. She is a self made model with shooting for ready to wear clothing companies to a luxury lifestyle forum. Kayla has also appeared in a wide variety of magazines from Seventeen magazine to Hustler's Taboo. There is no limits to what Kayla can do and she is a business woman that handles her business thoroughly. Kayla's hobby is Scuba Diving and she is a certified Scuba instructor. Her body is a canvas of art work with about 25 tattoos and she was the spokes model for Gold Rush Rally 2KX. Kayla certainly lives life to the fullest and she is a exhibitionist and if you want to learn & see more of Kayla you can visit her sites at and

This is the last official post for REYNOLDS 2.2 on the afternoon of December 31, 2010. I want to thank all my viewers for supporting the movement of REYNOLDS 2.2 and I want to thank all my friends, guest and brands for making this all possible! Everyone have a safe night celebrating the eve of the ending of a year that has been a blast! As we all welcome and enter into 2011 - REYNOLDS 2.2 is wishing you all a prosperous and joyful 2011 - HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

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