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Allow me to introduce Lord Nez! Nez is my friend and an aspiring MC that is clearly making headway in the game of Hip Hop. I have known Lord Nez for sometime going back to his days when he worked for Russell Simmons at RUSH. Since knowing Nez from day one, I have always seen a light in him and knew it would be only a matter of time until he would shine bright. Fast Forward to today and Nez has been hustling hard and getting his music out to the streets and the world of Hip Hop. Nez was actually kind enough to do this exclusive interview with REYNOLDS 2.2. So as always without further delay let me share with you all my interview with Lord Nez...

REYNOLDS 2.2: Where are you from?

Lord Nez: I'm from Hollis Queens, NY and Woodhull Ave to be exact, Born & Raised.

REYNOLDS 2.2: Where did you get the name Lord Nez?

Lord Nez: At first in the hood and back then I was MC Strangler for about 3-4 years from the ages 13 to 16 or 17. Then me & my boy Seth was reading books, and he was building about the past like on different names, different people and he said Lord of Nazerith. I was like oh shit, Lord Nezerith lol! Then I cut it to Lord Nez because Nez is my real name. Then After High School I got up with Russell Simmons, and I told him my name and ever since he has been calling me that name... the rest is history.

REYNOLDS 2.2: When did you first discover your passion to be a MC?

Lord Nez: Maybe at 10yrs old, I wrote my first rap at my grandma's crib and from there it was on. Yet even earlier than that time my mother took me to see the movie Beat Street in 1984, I was a kid that shit had a big impact on me as far as wanting to be involved in the Hip Hop culture. I kind of just grew into it, also Video Music Box played a big factor!

REYNOLDS 2.2: How long have you been practicing your talent at being a MC?

Lord Nez: Man easy, 19 Years...

REYNOLDS 2.2: What inspires you to be a MC?

Lord Nez:  Life and the struggle not having shit wanting to be heard. Girls lol! Rapping so the females can like you. Art, seeing dope pieces of work whether it's illustration or paintings. Music or just the sound of mother nature, music is moods & emotions whatever you go through at the time the sound will manifest into that. That's why if you look at the past, all of the great MC's spit about their world and what they went through, and just reality. So it took into natural form and into greatness cause the REAL can relate.

REYNOLDS 2.2: How do you see yourself being in the game of Hip Hop to bring change?

Lord Nez: Well Change is for Obama and them lol! Na! Seriously nothing is new under the sun to me and everything is being done in Hip Hop. But I will bring a change of direction when my time comes, as far as substance in my lyrics, feelings and a quality production with a vintage feel. I'm not following what's hot. I'm sticking to my own lane and influencing others just to be honest and be themselves as living truth. I just want to add on to the contributions of the greats before me. When I leave my music it will be remembered forever by someone.

REYNOLDS 2.2: We both have a common friend named Saer AkA Slanty Asian Eyed Rebel. Can you tell me more about the track I heard with you & Saer?

Lord Nez: Yeah me and Saer worked at Rush together with Russell and he's still over there now. We both had common interest in Hip Hop and so we clicked. A while back ago I had a spot in Battery Park City that I was holding down lol! I had my studio equipment with me, so I hit Saer up and he was in the area and came through. We was just building and 3 hours later we had that song. It wasn't planned that's just how life is great minds create when inspired.

REYNOLDS 2.2: What's the connection with you and Mobb Deep?

Lord Nez: Funny, I think maybe 2002 I ran up on Alchemist when I was at Rush. I told him who I was and we exchanged contact information. Long story short he linked me with Prodigy and the rest was history. I'm definitely more tighter with Prodigy than Havoc and Alchemist as well but its all fam! It's definitely a Queens thing non-the-less and since I was 14yrs old I've been rocking with MOBB Deep, so to have them as fam years later is a honor.

REYNOLDS 2.2: What would you tell other aspiring artist who want to be in the game of Hip Hop?

Lord Nez: Man stop wearing tight clothes and trying to dress like your from Europe lol! No disrespect lol! Na! Seriously just be original and don't think getting a deal is everything, brand your name and your music. We are in a different age and I'm from a era where you could run up to a person at a label with a demo to just getting on for being around paying dues. Now its dick riding and politics as a motha! Everything from if you want to be a big ass kisser and be political or if you want to be great just be original and the music will speak for it's self!! Everyone isn't going to make it as a rapper that's just reality, so if u really want it hard body then grind non-stop! People are going to front but you just have to keep going!!

REYNOLDS 2.2: What can we expect from you in 2011?

Lord Nez: Man the Take Over! "Lord Nez - Presents Wanted" mixtape I dropped on Christmas and my last mixtape also dropped on January 1, 2011 - titled "Golden Era 90's edition". Shout out to Danny Mota of Palis & Hot Press Tees for doing the cover!! Danny is doing big things online right now! I'm dropping a LP with French producer M7 fts, Ilacoin, Capone, Imam Thug, Big Noyd, 40 cal, Sha Stimuli, Shawn Pen aka LiL Shawn, Ty Nitty of Imfamous Mobb just to name a few. Pure gritty NYC album all around its about to speak for it's self. I think that's going to make a nice dent in the underground Hip Hop world. Plus more mixtapes & collaboration projects! I also have 3 EPS I'm dropping, more videos and performances to come. Hopefully model for some clothing brands on some fly shit. I'm also branding my name with apparel hats, bandannas & etc - lol! Promo shit and It don't stop til the casket drop. Giving praise due to the Most High! Keep Pushing!!!! Peace!!

So there you have it people! Lord Nez is focused, determined and already in the mix with smoking guns! I listened to the "Golden Era 90's edition" mixtape and it for sure takes me back to that original 808 NY Hip Hop! Nez laces each track with his own flow and style that will surely gain the interest of those true Hip Hop Headz and new comers!

Nez thanks for the interview and as always keep doing ya thing playa!

Here is the link to listen to the Golden Era 90's edition mixtape streaming:

Here is the link to download your copy of the Golden Era 90's edition mixtape:  

Also check out the Golden Era video - This track is straight FIRE!!!:

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