Wednesday, January 12, 2011


Dee & Ricky

Now my next interview is with the two young men in the above image.They are extremely talented and they developed a unique brand titled Dee and Ricky. I had the opportunity of meeting one of them sometime ago at a Karin + Raoul magazine party in Tribeca, NYC at Dam Dash's - DD172 Gallery. I have to admit Dee and Ricky are brilliant at creating a brand using toy Legos and their brand collabos are fab! So without further delay I present to you the exclusive REYNOLDS 2.2 interview with Dee and Ricky...

REYNOLDS 2.2: Where are Dee and Ricky originally from and where do you both live now?

Dee & Ricky: 10303 we still reside in 10303.

REYNOLDS 2.2: Are Dee and Ricky your real names?

Dee & Ricky: Yep! & you snow that.

REYNOLDS 2.2: I'm sure my viewers would like to know are you both twins?

Dee & Ricky: Actually we are triplets, that's another story though.

REYNOLDS 2.2: How did you both start creating product out of Lego toys?

Dee & Ricky: An offspring from a couple of other things were doing.

REYNOLDS 2.2: When was Dee and Ricky officially created as a brand?

Dee & Ricky: Since 1995

REYNOLDS 2.2: What type of company is Dee and Ricky?

Dee & Ricky: Contemporary Fun, lifestyle.

REYNOLDS 2.2: Who is the brains and who is the talent of Dee and Ricky?

Dee & Ricky: Dee & Ricky

REYNOLDS 2.2: Can you both talk about the G-Shock & the Dee and Ricky collabo?

Dee & Ricky: Casio wanted us to do a watch for years. But we were being picky. We finally produced one with them. When it came out it was instantly the best selling G-Shock.

REYNOLDS 2.2: How many brands have you collaborated with in the past?

Dee & Ricky: About 3-5

REYNOLDS 2.2: Are there any new collaborations we can expect from Dee and Ricky in 2011?

Dee & Ricky: Top secret

REYNOLDS 2.2: What are Dee and Ricky plans for the future?

Dee & Ricky: Expand to other types of products.

These guys are sure to be around for sometime to come and I can't wait to see what they will be dropping next! Thank you Dee and Ricky for the interview and I look forward to work with you both in the near future. 

You want to know more about Dee and Ricky you can visit their website at

You can also follow them both on Twitter. Follow Dee @DeeandRicky & Ricky @RickyandDee 

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