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REYNOLDS 2.2 has put together the top 10 list of HOT GIRLS featured on REYNOLDS 2.2 in 2010. This list has been created for these girls getting the most views by the viewers being all of you out there in cyber world from around the world. These girls are not only hot for their looks alone but because they are career minded girls on the come up doing big things! So allow me to present them in the following order starting off first with the bonus HOT GIRL!



Now Marta is not just any ordinary woman. She has put in a lot of work this year. She has been featured in the NOH8 campaign earlier this year and she is the owner of the popular a website where you can find all the latest news on celebrities, models, beauty and so much more. She also recently stepped into the real estate business becoming a North Scottsdale Realtor in Arizona. Did I also mention she is a mom who is happily married making her the ideal modern business woman of today.



Alex is a beautiful woman with talent, style and grace. She has an amazing voice that is raspy, jazzy and soulful! Alex is a singer & songwriter signed to Warner Music & Universal Publishing. Be sure to keep an eye out for her as she keeps rocking steadily to the top of her game! Listen now to her song ALEX HEPBURN 2.4


#9 HOT GIRL - AavaMagdalene Ducyane

Aava is an extraordinary girl with goals set high and already living her dream. Aava is a beautiful natural redhead and she's a NEXT model living in NYC. Aava stands at 5'9 with hazel-green eyes. She has already been featured in magazines such as Vogue, Seventeen, Glamour and Trace. She continues to appear in magazines and television. Aava is passion driven and is a prime example of what you can do when you put your focus in gear! Aava defines beauty and obviously her beauty will stand out in any crowd!


#8 HOT GIRL - Katie Kansas

This New York City bombshell is multi-talented with being a Go Go dancer and clothing designer. Katie has created her own brand of clothing titled Katie Kansas Closet - Lifestyle Clothing for Adventurous Girls. Katie continues to dance at some of the hottest NYC nightlife clubs and venues. Her clothing is selling and has been seen on some of the coolest trend-setters in NYC. When I last talked to Katie, she said she was working on a new brand with her bff and an amazing artist. Let's all keep an eye out for this unique and talented woman as she continues to conquer her dreams and goals!


#7 HOT GIRL - Paula Newlands

This hot brazilian model is the amazing Paula Newlands living in California and traveling the world. Paula is currently attending college and is having plans to jump behind the scenes to create her own brand. She is a dear friend and she is focused to win at all she does. Paula is a fun girl and believes if you work hard then you party hard! She is not only a model, she is a young woman with a business mind set to do big things!


#6 HOT GIRL - Bridgette Boggess

Where do I begin? I first met Bridgette a couple of seasons ago during NY Fashion week. Bridgette is delightful and a great friend! She is a career minded woman with a sizable plate of business. She owns and her company offers services in Style Consulting, Wardrobe Management and Personal Shopping. To top it off she is a fashion consultant and currently she is making headlines throughout Texas in Dallas & Houston. Next time your in Texas and your in the need of looking good then look up Dress Marie.


#5 HOT GIRL - Laura Solano

Sweet American Pie would be a understatement for this beautiful brunette standing at 5'9 with hazel eyes. She is better known as AkA Ms Fox and she is on her daily grind which she would say it's all about making the $$$. She is a very talented makeup artist working for one the biggest makeup companies that exist - CHANEL Cosmetics. She has been getting her feet wet in the world of entertainment having been seen in movies, videos and currently working on new projects to come.



DJ VINYLA is a exotic Russian beauty living in NYC. She has worked at many hot spots in NYC such as Bryant Park Hotel, Soho Grand, Hotel on Rivington, Cabana, Mansion and many more. She has a love for electronic music and she spins techno house, funky house and much more. DJ VINYLA always knows how to keep the crowd moving!


#3 HOT GIRL - Breanna Box

The lovely and sexy Sicilian Italian Breanna Box is a sure shot winner! She is the definition of beauty and talent all in one and she certainly thinks outside the box. Breanna is a model and has appeared in editorial and print ads. She is now stepping into the world of acting and with her witty and original personality she is sure to be a sensation on the silver screen. Her hobbies are reading books, dance, design and eating. If you want to know more about this Italian rare beauty then visit her sites at and


#2 HOT GIRL - Kristina Imel

This is a HOT GIRL filled with heart & soul and her vocals are out of this world. Kristina is filled with passion and drive that pushes her talents to the limits being a singer, songwriter, dancer and actress. Being only 18 and singing a remix of the hit song "Jump For My Love" by The Pointer Sisters is a statement to the industry executives that she is ready to be signed and make music her life and create hits to the mass appeal. Kristina is a rising star!



The amazing and talented sexy Kayla-Jane Danger is REYNOLDS 2.2 #1 HOT GIRL by receiving the most hits out of all postings on REYNOLDS 2.2 in 2010! Kayla is exotic with a twist of erotic. She is not afraid to show the world and her fans her kinky & naked side. She is a self made model with shooting for ready to wear clothing companies to a luxury lifestyle forum. Kayla has also appeared in a wide variety of magazines from Seventeen magazine to Hustler's Taboo. There is no limits to what Kayla can do and she is a business woman that handles her business thoroughly. Kayla's hobby is Scuba Diving and she is a certified Scuba instructor. Her body is a canvas of art work with about 25 tattoos and she was the spokes model for Gold Rush Rally 2KX. Kayla certainly lives life to the fullest and she is a exhibitionist and if you want to learn & see more of Kayla you can visit her sites at and

This is the last official post for REYNOLDS 2.2 on the afternoon of December 31, 2010. I want to thank all my viewers for supporting the movement of REYNOLDS 2.2 and I want to thank all my friends, guest and brands for making this all possible! Everyone have a safe night celebrating the eve of the ending of a year that has been a blast! As we all welcome and enter into 2011 - REYNOLDS 2.2 is wishing you all a prosperous and joyful 2011 - HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010


REYNOLDS & ASSOCIATES has been working on the all new Cliff's Tattoo website and has done some revamping to their already existing logo. As for their logo REYNOLDS & ASSOCIATES didn't want to completely change their existing logo. Instead they changed up the font and colors with adding gold and a shade of misty sky blue with a mixture of light greys. The logo now has a more modern and edgy appeal and at the same time keeping the iconic skull of Cliff's Tattoo. If your wondering what the new website will look like? I can only say stay tuned to see in 2011!

If your looking to get a tattoo and your in the Long Island area visit


Muna Layla Tayour

I would like to introduce to you all the lovely and sweet Muna Layla Tayour. Muna is my friend and a Canadian Realtor with a detailed eye when it comes to design & decor. She is a young business woman on the rise and has her eyes set on big business. Being that it's the holiday season and only days away before we all enter the new year of 2011. Muna had taken time out for an exclusive REYNOLDS 2.2 interview. So with out further delay let me share with you all a inside peek of Muna's world...

REYNOLDS 2.2: Where are you from?

Muna Layla Tayour: Born in beautiful Vancouver BC, I play in NYC and enjoy the summers in LA or Paris and Morocco with my family.

REYNOLDS 2.2: What type of work do you do?

Muna Layla Tayour: I am a Realtor.

REYNOLDS 2.2: How long have you been in the real estate business?

Muna Layla Tayour: I have been selling real estate since 2005 and I have been working in the industry since 2000! I got started at 19 and I'm still young and eager to WIN. For the last eight years I have worked with Mac Marketing Solutions ( one of the biggest real estate marketing firms in Canada. I am currently selling for BOSA (, a US and Canadian Developer.

REYNOLDS 2.2: What type of clientele do you work with in real estate?

Muna Layla Tayour: I have a great network of friends and referrals. I am fortunate to live in what the Economist magazine and The Mercer Quality of Living Survey calls the top 5 most livable cities in the world ('s_most_livable_cities). This exposes me to a variety of clients from around the world who see my city as a great place to live and invest. Vancouver is also a gateway to the pacific rim and has a large Asian based clientele. Hosting the 2010 Winter Olympic Games also put us on the map and Canada set a new record for most gold medals won by a country in a single Winter Olympics with 14 points. The way I see it, I'm in the right place to take advantage of working in a great city with great product.

REYNOLDS 2.2: Have you ever thought of starting your own real estate company?

Muna Layla Tayour: Yes

REYNOLDS 2.2: Have you sold any homes to celebrities?

Muna Layla Tayour: Do gangsters count? (SMH)

REYNOLDS 2.2: What made you have a interest to start in real estate at 19yrs old?

Muna Layla Tayour: I truly believe life is about connections, I worked in fashion, and I was doing some styling for a local developer who asked me the pivotal question. Why are you not selling real estate? It sparked my interest and the rest was history.

REYNOLDS 2.2: Do you sell luxury homes to your clients?

Muna Layla Tayour: I prefer to sell luxury homes, and I specialize in high end developments and condos. I sell the dream. Every home has a unique quality and I try and find the luxury appeal in each one. Everyone deserves to live like a King or Queen. I believe, I help my buyers and sellers achieve that goal.

REYNOLDS 2.2: What type of traveling has your job allowed you to do?

Muna Layla Tayour: I traveled extensively. I am lucky to be well connected in New York, Chicago, Miami and LA. I have spent summers in the South of France and Europe, all the while building my knowledge base, I work hard and play hard.

REYNOLDS 2.2: With your experience in the real estate business is there any advice you can give to anyone who is looking to be a Realtor?

Muna Layla Tayour: GO hard or GO home. This is a life style, you breathe and eat real estate, you must have a passion for what you do. I always ask the question - Could you see yourself doing anything else? If the answer is yes, then perhaps you should explore that.

REYNOLDS 2.2: Aside from real estate, do you have any other business interest or plans for 2011?

Muna Layla Tayour: TAKE OVER THE WORLD. Start a multi-faceted management company, open a Hammam to name a few.

Now is here is woman that lives life to the fullest by taking charge, risk and basically living her dream by being all she can be and more. Thank you so much Muna for taking the time out of your busy schedule to talk with me. Stay blessed and may 2011 be amazing with giving you abundance and joy!

Photo Credit: Omar Khan

Wednesday, December 22, 2010



During the winter season I enjoy wearing my classic Polo Ralph Lauren, Conquest High II, Black Leather Boots. They are the ideal men's fashion boot with a plush red inside with velvet straps and dual zippers to keep the heat locked in and your feet warm during the cold winter days. I usually wear mine as seen above with the zippers down and their snug enough not to fall off your feet with the use of the velvet straps. They also make a great boot to wear with shorts during the spring season for the urban fashion head. Like women love shoes, I love a great men's boot!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Marta Walsh

Marta Walsh is a family mom but not just any family mom. She changes the definition of family mom and takes it to a whole new level! She manages not only to be a full-time mom & wife but she is a business owner of and now recently she has stepped into the world of Real Estate. Marta who lives in Arizona has now filled the shoes of being a North Scottsdale Realtor and she is in the market of selling luxury homes. She works with Russ Lyon of Sotheby's International Realty at the Pinnacle Peak office.

Marta is a dear and sweet friend of mine and I wish her all the best! If you're in the market looking to purchase a luxury home in the North Scottsdale area, I hear they have great deals! You can visit Marta Walsh's realty website at

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Custom Mural by Cram Concepts

I'm an artist by nature and when I see art, I must pay homage to it. So let me present to you all Cram Concepts. Cram is a long time friend and business associate. He is also a Creative Director providing alternative branding, fashion and graphic design services. The snapshot above is a custom Mural created by Cram Concepts for Hudson Station - Bar & Grill, located at 440 9th Ave, near 35th St, Hell's Kitchen in NYC. It's a custom mural created to merge with their brand identity and logo. The mural is inspired by vintage 19th century American train posters. Cram says "The owners did not want color and I used yellow for accents, the rest black, white and grey".

Cram was also hired by REYNOLDS & ASSOCIATES to create an amazing 10 page layout from front to back for a catalogue by Jawels. At the time I was producing the catalogue, I needed someone that could create a layout that would captivate my client's targeted audience and Cram certainly was the man for the job. Cram has worked with many clients such as Ecko Unltd, McDonalds, Heineken, DKNY Jeans and many more.

You can view more of Cram Concepts work at

Friday, December 17, 2010


Photo: Chris Velona
I am happy to announce as of today photographer Chris Velona has been officially added to the roster of photographers at REYNOLDS & ASSOCIATES. Chris is not only a photographer, he is also my long time friend and business associate. When I seen Chris had a eye for photography and seen some of his commercial and food photos, I knew immediately, I had to bring him on board with REYNOLDS & ASSOCIATES. Chris is now available for photography bookings & you can request him by visiting

Congratulations Mr Velona!

Thursday, December 16, 2010


Yellow Kid Slanty
The infamous Yellow Kid Slanty AkA YKS was spotted on the REYNOLDS 2.2 live cam. I first wrote about YKS on September 1, 2010 and since then we haven't seen him until now. YKS is an artist by nature and in 2011 look out for exclusive video footage of Yellow Kid Slanty, on the REYNOLDS 2.2 show. YKS has been spotted with top industry names throughout the entertainment industry. His true identity is still unknown to this date but REYNOLDS 2.2 will keep you all updated on this story. YKS has a website for all of you who are curious to know more about him. Yet there isn't any information on his identity but he does mention his origin on the website.

Visit Yellow Kids Slanty's website at

Follow Yellow Kid Slanty on Twitter @YellowKidSlanty

Below is a image from Yellow Kid Slanty's website and he's posted up in the picture with legendary DJ D Nice.

DJ D Nice & Yellow Kid Slanty @ Hennesy Black Event


Kenton magazine is a online magazine based in New York City. It's a virtual magazine that takes you inside the world of fashion, style, beauty, luxury and entertainment for the fashionable stylish young professionals of today. I have to admit they are ahead of the game and stepping into the future with a platform that supercedes the traditional print magazines. Kenton offers their readers current events and up to date content that traditional magazines just can't offer the savvy on the go hi-tech professional.

Their content is colorful, beautiful, edgy and diverse offering a little of everything to their readers. I'm currently in talks with the Founder and Editor-in-Chief, Alex Liang AkA Mr. Fashion. I am looking forward to working with Alex in 2011 to produce and direct content for Kenton magazine. So stay tuned for what I believe will be a classic mash up of original content!

Congratulations Alex on what I believe will be the future of online magazines. Visit Kenton magazine today at

Follow Kenton magazine on Twitter @Kentonmagazine

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Breanna Box

Breanna Box is the multi-talented model, singer and actress. I've written a couple of times in the past about Ms Box and now I had the opportunity to ask her some questions to share with you all. Breanna is not the normal girl by far and she is extraordinary with looks that can kill and a mind that is creative & witty! I knew when I first met Breanna earlier this year that she would be the next big thing! Since then Breanna continues to climb the ladder of success and has no plans on stopping and so now let me share with you all my brief interview with the fabulous Breanna Box.

REYNOLDS 2.2: Where are you from?

Breanna Box: From Pluto, born in female in Minnesota. Body in Los Angeles, love in NYC, style dancing in London & mind wandering in Tokyo.

REYNOLDS 2.2: How tall are you & what color are your eyes?

Breanna Box: 5'10 & eyes are hazel

REYNOLDS 2.2: What's your nationality?

Breanna Box: Sicilian Italian

REYNOLDS 2.2: What inspired you to be in the world of entertainment?

Breanna Box: I have been starry eyed ever since I can remember.

REYNOLDS 2.2: What has been your latest work or project?

Breanna Box: Editorial Shoot

REYNOLDS 2.2: Where can we see some of your work?

Breanna Box: & is in the making. Keep them eyes and ears pealed for any up coming appearances x_O.

REYNOLDS 2.2: Do you have any hobbies you would like to share with us?

Breanna Box: I love to sing my heart out, spend hours lost in pages of books, EAT, dance & design.

REYNOLDS 2.2: What do you have planned for 2011?

Breanna Box: World recognition!

Breanna is mysterious and definitely not the girl next door. I look forward to seeing her editorial shoot and 2011 seems to be her year of coming out the box to the world! Thank you Breanna for the interview and keep doing what you do! I have plans to work with Ms Box and to kick it with her in L.A. in 2011. Until then that's all folks!

See below another lovely image of Ms Box and the camera definitely loves her. Sexy sexy!


Congratulations to Cliff White of Cliff's Tattoo! Cliff is my client and most recently he made the headlines on the cover of Skin & Ink a tattoo magazine. On the cover of the magazine Cliff is being labeled as The Future Of Tattoo History. For all you tattoo lovers be sure to pick up the latest copy of Skin & Ink and read the article on Cliff White.

Cliff's Tattoo is Long Island's Largest Tattoo Studio and coming soon in 2011 the all new Cliff's Tattoo website!


Kevin Leong & Robert Reynolds
Kevin Leong AkA Kevin Saer and Robert Reynolds AkA Reynolds are New York City - BOSS MEN! Finally Reynolds & the Asian team up to bring some freshness to world in 2011! It's been a great honor to work with a good friend. I can't spoil the surprise just yet but as the Slanty Asian Eyed Rebel would say FOLD YA PAPER! Oh yeah... Stay tuned!

Photo Courtesy of Chris Velona of Chrisp Productions


Danny Mota, Reynolds and Brad Simon
Danny Mota & Brad Simon are the Co-Founders of Hot Press Tees and watch out for these two in 2011 to be featured on the all new FASHION & STYLE. It was a pleasure working with Danny & Brad!

Photo Courtesy of Chris Velona of Chrisp Productions

If your looking for a fresh and original t-shirt to buy for the holidays. Then be sure to check out HOT PRESS TEES at