Thursday, December 16, 2010


Yellow Kid Slanty
The infamous Yellow Kid Slanty AkA YKS was spotted on the REYNOLDS 2.2 live cam. I first wrote about YKS on September 1, 2010 and since then we haven't seen him until now. YKS is an artist by nature and in 2011 look out for exclusive video footage of Yellow Kid Slanty, on the REYNOLDS 2.2 show. YKS has been spotted with top industry names throughout the entertainment industry. His true identity is still unknown to this date but REYNOLDS 2.2 will keep you all updated on this story. YKS has a website for all of you who are curious to know more about him. Yet there isn't any information on his identity but he does mention his origin on the website.

Visit Yellow Kids Slanty's website at

Follow Yellow Kid Slanty on Twitter @YellowKidSlanty

Below is a image from Yellow Kid Slanty's website and he's posted up in the picture with legendary DJ D Nice.

DJ D Nice & Yellow Kid Slanty @ Hennesy Black Event

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