Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Breanna Box

Breanna Box is the multi-talented model, singer and actress. I've written a couple of times in the past about Ms Box and now I had the opportunity to ask her some questions to share with you all. Breanna is not the normal girl by far and she is extraordinary with looks that can kill and a mind that is creative & witty! I knew when I first met Breanna earlier this year that she would be the next big thing! Since then Breanna continues to climb the ladder of success and has no plans on stopping and so now let me share with you all my brief interview with the fabulous Breanna Box.

REYNOLDS 2.2: Where are you from?

Breanna Box: From Pluto, born in female in Minnesota. Body in Los Angeles, love in NYC, style dancing in London & mind wandering in Tokyo.

REYNOLDS 2.2: How tall are you & what color are your eyes?

Breanna Box: 5'10 & eyes are hazel

REYNOLDS 2.2: What's your nationality?

Breanna Box: Sicilian Italian

REYNOLDS 2.2: What inspired you to be in the world of entertainment?

Breanna Box: I have been starry eyed ever since I can remember.

REYNOLDS 2.2: What has been your latest work or project?

Breanna Box: Editorial Shoot

REYNOLDS 2.2: Where can we see some of your work?

Breanna Box: & is in the making. Keep them eyes and ears pealed for any up coming appearances x_O.

REYNOLDS 2.2: Do you have any hobbies you would like to share with us?

Breanna Box: I love to sing my heart out, spend hours lost in pages of books, EAT, dance & design.

REYNOLDS 2.2: What do you have planned for 2011?

Breanna Box: World recognition!

Breanna is mysterious and definitely not the girl next door. I look forward to seeing her editorial shoot and 2011 seems to be her year of coming out the box to the world! Thank you Breanna for the interview and keep doing what you do! I have plans to work with Ms Box and to kick it with her in L.A. in 2011. Until then that's all folks!

See below another lovely image of Ms Box and the camera definitely loves her. Sexy sexy!

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