Monday, October 31, 2011


Allow me to introduce to you all Ryan Michael. I had the pleasure of being introduced to this young gentlemen that has a talent and voice that is beyond this world. In all my days of listening to music and especially R&B and love ballets. I will be the first to say...Ryan Michael is the future of music and this is exactly what the music industry and world is needing. He has the most unique blend and sound that is versatile from every angle when it comes to his vocals and lyrical content. Ryan can not be boxed in a labeled as a R&B music artist or Pop artist. He is the world's music Renaissance man of the future!

The video above plays the song "Fallin" by Ryan Michael and its absolutely amazing and brings me back to the days when R&B was real and heart felt. If you think the music stops hear then you are absolutely wrong! You want to hear more of Ryan then simply visit - you will not be disappointed!

Look out for a possible collabo with Ryan Michael and the infamous REYNOLDS in the future...

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